1st step

Mix mortar

Mix three tablespoons of mortar powder with one tablespoon of water in the mortar bowl provided to form a uniform mixture. It shouldn't be too liquid. If in doubt, use a little more mortar powder.

2nd step

Loose walls

Take a brick and coat the underside of it with mortar using the small trowel provided. Place it on the base plate and press it firmly.

Take the next stone and also paint it on the underside and on one short side. Press the painted side onto the first stone.

3rd step

Clean joints

You can use the small trowel to remove the excess mortar. This will give you a clean joint pattern and straight walls.


Beautify the joint appearance

If you want the joints to be really clean, mix some mortar with water. Use an old toothbrush to spread the “mortar water” over the joints and brush off the joints.

Finally, wipe the masonry clean with a cloth and please stop using the toothbrush to brush your teeth.

Everything at the beginning

Water soluble

If you immerse your teifoc building in (preferably warm) water, the bricks will detach from the mortar. Once you've rinsed and dried them, you can start over.

The mortar can only be used once. It can be reordered individually in our shop.

Maskottchen Bricki liest die teifoc Steinbaukasten Bauanleitung

Building instructions for products

The individual building instructions for our stone building sets are included, but can also be requested digitally in advance if required. Simply send an email to info@teifoc.de.

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Construction instructions as a video