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Accessory set

Accessory set

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With the teifoc accessory set you can build your own buildings according to your own imagination without building instructions. Included are various types of stone, roof tiles and all the necessary tools as well as the water-soluble special mortar.

Included are: 49x red bricks, 20x red half bricks, 17x red triangles, 8x red roof panels, 4x red half roof panels, 2x black wave panels, 1x bricklayer's trowel, 1x mortar, 1x mortar bowl

  • Item number: 1530
  • Components: 100
  • Recommended age: 6+
  • Difficulty level: beginner


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Our teifoc advantages

Sustainably manufactured in Germany

The teifoc stone building sets are produced in our toy factory in Pfaffschwende, Thuringia. We value the use of regional materials, social responsibility and sustainable production.

Natural & reusable materials

The special mortar mixture of sand and corn extract is harmless to health. The bricks made of real clay are, like the original, fired in our firing chamber at up to 1,000 °C. Thanks to the special mortar mixture, the components dissolve again when immersed in water. Our bricks can be used indefinitely for new buildings. The mortar and individual stones can be reordered as desired.

Educationally valuable: for children and adults

Recommended for children aged 6 and over to develop their own creativity and train hand-eye coordination, patience and dexterity. An educationally valuable and sustainable toy. Ideal for use in Montessori education. Also ideal for adults: relax while setting up. Switch off your thoughts and focus on a construction project instead of a screen. This lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and promotes creativity and the ability to think logically by stimulating the networking of brain cells.