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Wind mill

Wind mill

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With the windmill from teifoc, a real miniature windmill made of bricks is created from over 100 components. The mill combines the materials brick and wood and teaches children the art of craftsmanship in a playful way. Recommended for children aged 7 and over, preferably with the support of an adult. This promotes a sense of “we”, lets the children build a creative community and strengthens their social skills.

  • Item number: 4040
  • Components: 100 pieces
  • Recommended age: 7+
  • Difficulty level: Advanced
  • Dimensions: 170x140x110mm


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Our teifoc advantages

Includes tools & illustrated construction instructions

A miniature trowel and a mortar bowl provide a real building feeling. The base plate is also already included. Illustrated building instructions ensure uncomplicated building fun.

Natural materials

The special mortar mixture of sand and corn extract is made on a water-soluble basis and is harmless to health. Stains on clothing or furniture are also no problem. The bricks made of real clay are, like the original, fired in our firing chamber at up to 1,000 °C.

Durable and expandable

The components dissolve again by immersing them in water. Our bricks can therefore be used indefinitely for new buildings and the mortar can be reordered individually.

Educationally valuable toy

Teach your child some initial knowledge about building materials and their use in a playful way. Promote fine motor skills, spatial thinking and creativity. The teifoc brand stands for educational toys with added value and is suitable for use in Montessori education.